About Me

About Me: I am a New Yorker and a working mom. I have three kids – 2 daughters, 1 son.

My belief: I started this book series because I believe that museums are a great way to educate and provide activities for children.  Through reading the books, hopefully that will encourage trips to museums, art activities, and so much more. A well-rounded education is important for all children.

More on my book series:  My heart lies in my children’s book series, which is dedicated to my children!

  1. Eve’s ArtWorld series follows a little girl named Eve whose mother works in a Museum as a curator. Eve has the magical ability to go back in time to the meet the artists.
  2. Peter’s ScienceWorld series is about a little boy named Peter whose father works at a Museum as an anthropologist. Peter has the magical ability to travel back in time when holding the objects.
  3. Nicole’s MusicWorld is about a girl named Nicole whose mother works in a Concert Hall. The books follow Nicole as she travels back in time to meet the musicians.
  4. By Children for Children Book. Every quarter we will ask children to provide drawings to incorporate into a digital book. We will outline an idea and generate an email.  We will upload the final book at the end of every quarter.

I appreciate any feedback, comments, or thoughts.

I hope you can come visit again soon. We will constantly be updating our websites and reviews.

The site is run by a company I started Children’s Art World, Inc.

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